Andrew Podnieks

Bizarre Rules of Golf

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What happens if your golf ball becomes lodged in a tree and you can't get it down? What are your

options if a ball lands behind a boulder or you want to try to play your ball out of a water hazard?

What if you knock the ball off the tee while making a practise swing? For every situation in golf,

there's a rule, and for every rule there's a bizarre case of occurrence or misunderstanding.

Bizarre Rules of Golf examines more than 60 rules and situations-and their ramifications for golfers

both famous and obscure. From Tiger Woods putting for birdie and ending up in the water to Brad

Faxon hitting a nice approach shot only to watch a bird lift his ball off the green and plop it in the

water, the game's many rulings and interpretations of the rules book are probed and described in

entertaining detail.

Including the story of poor Pete Oakley. Competing at the 2012 Senior British Open, he was penalized two

strokes for losing his caddy. That's right-his caddy! (who also happens to be his wife) It's all here in Bizarre Rules

of Golf!
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