John Gregory Betancourt,Lester Del Rey,Kris Neville,Paul Chadwick,Hal Charles,James MacCreigh,Elizabeth Sanxay Holding,Shelly Dickson Carr

Black Cat Weekly #12

On the mystery side this issue, we have a novel by Elizabeth Sanxay Holding, plus shorts by pulp master Paul Chadwick, rare mysteries from science fiction authors James MacCreigh and Kris Neville, and a Thanksgiving-themed solve-it-yourself puzzle from Hal Charles. Plus Barb Goffman has selected a masterful story by Shelly Dickson Carr to round things out.
On the science fiction and fantasy side, we have a pair of novels from Frank M. Robinson and Lester del Rey, a fantasy bar story from John Gregory Betancourt, and a dark fantasy by British author John Glasby.

Here’s the lineup—

“A Thanksgiving Mystery,” by Hal Charles [A Solve-It-Yourself Mystery]
“The Beacon Hill Suicide,” by Shelly Dickson Carr [Barb Goffman Presents short story]
“Model for Manslaughter,” by Paul Chadwick [short story]
“Big Talk,” by Kris Neville [short story]
“The Good Old Summer Crime,” by James MacCreigh [short story]
Speak of the Devil, by Elizabeth Sanxay Holding [novel]

Science Fiction & Fantasy:
“Where Dead Men Dream,” by John Glasby [short story]
“On the Rocks at Slab’s,” by John Gregory Betancourt [short story]
Cosmic Saboteur, by Frank M. Robinson [novel]
The Scheme of Things, by Lester del Rey [novel]
467 printed pages
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