William Saroyan

Boys and Girls Together

America in the 1960's; a golden time for the family, when children behaved, wives stayed at home and men wore suits to work. But in all this perfection, reality, life, relationships and people can't help but expose this idyll for the lie that it is. Dick is a respected writer, with a beautiful young wife, and two children who he adores. So why isn't he happy? And why isn't his wife, Daisy, happy either? Maintaining his marriage and earning enough to bring up his kids is hard enough, but the tumultuous relationship with Daisy, debts, and his penchant for gambling make things even more difficult. Despite these odds, Dick and Daisy drink, laugh and argue their way to a place of real tenderness. First published in 1963, Boys and Girls Together is a truly modern love story, examining the complexities of relationship, family, the nature of love, and ultimately, our need for it.
150 printed pages
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