The Collected Novels Volume One, James Hilton
James Hilton

The Collected Novels Volume One

875 printed pages
Three classic novels by James Hilton, about a world—and men—forever changed in the time between two world wars
In So Well Remembered, George Boswell, a respected lawyer and civic leader, possesses the skill and charisma to shine on the national stage. But ambition is not without a cost. When he must choose between the promise of a bright future and staying behind for the people who have come to depend on him, his decision comes at a shocking price in this story of a people pulled reluctantly toward modernity amid the farms and factories of Lancashire.
In Random Harvest, a veteran’s comfortable life is upended when long-buried memories of his time in the trenches of World War I come rushing back. This moving account of the trauma of war explores the courage required to find redemption in the face of the most overwhelming circumstances.
And in We Are Not Alone, brilliant but naïve country doctor David Newcome courts tragedy when he invites a stranger into his home—and his family is torn asunder as their country and the world outside are drawn into war.
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