Air Herk

AiR's 125 fAiRy tALeS ( iNcLuDeS AniMe fAiRy tALeS )

Hello there, my name is Air Herk and this book I am publishing consisits of 125 new fairy tales that have never been heard or read before. These fairy tales are quite special tales as they are wonderous and quite joyful to read and tell to each other. This book has fairy tales with various characters like witches, giants, mice, magicians, non living things and various new fairy tale charachters. Also, some tales in here are scary and some are for the joyful heart but all are meant for enjoyment.
The Anime fairy tales in it are a new kind of fairy tales which one has to read to know.
Good bye!
506 printed pages
Original publication
Air Herk



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