Oliver Chin,Phil Amara

The Discovery of Anime and Manga

This is the third adventure in our series on cool inventions created in Asia.
The cute red panda Dao makes history come alive by transporting the kids Emma and Ethan back in time. Together they learn how fantastic creations came to be and zip back to the future!
This dynamically illustrated tale follows the evolution of Japan's fantastic comics and animation in the last century. Published in a rainbow of media, these forms of entertainment became synonymous with Japanese pop culture.
The story showcases iconic characters, best-selling series, and award-winning creators. Iconic shows are brought to life with the amazing artwork of Juan Calle, himself a fan of anime and manga since his childhood.
From Astro Boy and Speed Racer to Totoro and Pokemon, readers go behind the scenes.
Learn about unique genres, such as mecha (giant robots), and see how the Japanese style has influenced artists and entertainment around the world.
These amazing examples will inspire children to draw and write their own incredible stories.
44 printed pages
Original publication



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