Gwen Cooper

Fanny Trouble

Even the sweetest cat can turn salty when it comes to food . . .

Fanny the cat is the classic “good daughter”—a petite and pretty rescue with a shy, affectionate disposition who’s thoroughly doted on by her besotted humans. But the day she discovers dry food (otherwise known as “kitty crack”) for the first time, Fanny goes from angelic to devilish literally overnight. As her hapless human mom tries to cope with the new regime of pre-dawn wake-up calls (feed me NOW!) and all-day caterwauling, the question remains: Can a skinny cat’s newfound food addiction ever be tamed?

The sixth installment in the monthly Curl Up with a Cat Tale series by Gwen Cooper—author of the smash-hit Homer’s Odyssey: A Fearless Feline Tale—“Fanny Trouble” is a hilarious and ultimately touching tribute to the things we do to make our cats happy. If you’re the human slave to your own fussy feline, you won’t want to miss it!

33 printed pages
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