George Morrison

Serpent's Teeth

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Atlantis is real—or rather, it was real before it sank into the ocean. Centuries ago, the survivors of Atlantis were scattered throughout the Mediterranean, but they are still secretly ruled by the Atlantean royal family. Tanis, the eighteen-year-old heiress to the throne, is poised to take over as queen—but not anytime soon, she hopes.
Meanwhile, Queen Isabel of Spain and Bishop Torquemada conspire to steal the royal family’s wealth under the auspices of the Spanish Inquisition. Both Tanis and her mother are imprisoned and tortured in an attempt to get them to divulge the location of their legendary treasure. When tragedy strikes, Tanis resolves to exact vengeance on Torquemada and Isabel, but she must also remember her obligation to the lost children of Atlantis.
Filled with heartbreak and conflict, Serpent’s Teeth is a thrilling adventure set in a very different Spain from the one described in history books. Seething from the injustice inflicted on her family, Tanis must keep herself from becoming the danger she seeks to escape. Can she put aside her drive for vengeance long enough to lead her people to safety, or is the legacy of Atlantis truly doomed?

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