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Incestuous Adventures

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Cindy is in trouble for poor grades and sneaking boy's through the bedroom window. With dad's tutoring and close contact, her grades improve and he replaces the boys. Ramona finds adventure in Spain as an exchange student. The head of the host family is very friendly. Brother and sister take private vows and invite Mom and Dad to join the honeymoon. Each story stands as its own adventure.

~~~~~ PG Excerpt ~~~~~

Relaxing on the sofa in the room after dinner, Violet stood up to address the other family members, “Mom, Dad, I just have to say it. Ever since we were kids, Stephen and I were always so proud of you both when you attended school activities that involved parents. You came to every one of them and we felt that we had the best looking mother and father in the world. Mom, you look like a Playboy model in that bikini, and Dad, you look like Mr. America.”

“Well, thanks for all the compliments, but we're also pretty damn proud of you, also,” Phyllis said.

“Thanks, Mom,” Violet responded. “We had a specific reason for staring the weekend on Saturday rather than Friday afternoon or evening. We wanted to have an active day and then wind down without you two feeling awkward about sleeping in the same room with my brother and I as we are playing as newlyweds.

“You have expressed one hundred percent support of the relationship my brother and I have, and we are wondering if you are the least bit curious about why anyone would be inspired to have an incestuous relationship.”

“Well, we know there are more cases of  incest than the public cares to acknowledge, but it exists and I'm not sure I can answer your question,” Ted responded.

“Okay, Dad,” Violet said with a bright smile. “Allow me to get to the point. Have you ever fantasized about having sex with your daughter?”

“Violet!” Phyllis exclaimed and then was at a loss for more words.

“I don't mean to offend either of you,” Violet said, “but it just seems to me that when a father first notices that his daughter has become a woman, he must sometimes feel attracted.”  Violet then stood up, spun around and asked, “Dad, do I look like someone you would want to have sex with?”

“Okay, let's just say that you may look like 'someone' I would make love to but that does not necessarily mean you are that 'someone',” Ted answered.

“That's a pretty clever answer,” Violet responded with a smile.

Ted and Phyllis finally grinned. “Okay, just where are you going with this?” Phyllis asked.

“Okay, let me cut to the chase. It's been a wonderful day and my brother and I thank you for allowing us to share it with you,” Violet said. “Dad, when we were on the sailboat, I could not help but notice that you glanced at me quite often. Sure, Mom's gorgeous but I felt flattered that you, someone I think is very handsome, was admiring my body.”  She turned completely around and said, “So here I am, Dad, right in front of you, up close and personal as they say. I love to be looked at and now you don't have to steal a glance. If you think I'm sexy, feast your eyes.

“By the way Mom, you must have noticed that both Dad and Stephen have nice bulges in the crotch of those tight swim trunks.”

“Yes, I've noticed,” Phyllis said. “If I'm reading your correctly, you've thought about making a pass at your father.”

“Something like that but I want much more,” Violet said to her mother. “I am offering my brother, who I now consider my husband, to you. We can call it wife-swapping within the family. How about that?”

Violet succeeded in getting her mother and father stimulated and curious about the taboo of incest. As they continued to talk, the conversation went in the direction of acceptance by Ted and Phyllis in experimenting with their daughter's proposed swapping of mates.
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