Hugo Münsterberg

Psychology and Social Sanity

    Menna Abu Zahrahas quoted23 days ago
    commonsense and to unscientific fancies about the mind, c
    b0294804681has quoted2 years ago
    how much vileness and perversity are gently covered by the term flirtation nowadays in the circle of those who have learned early to conceal the traces.
    b0294804681has quoted2 years ago
    sexual desire belongs to the same group of human instincts as the desire for food or the desire for sleep, all of which aim toward a certain biological end, which must be fulfilled in order to secure life.
    b0294804681has quoted2 years ago
    Freudian psychoanalysis, which threatens to become the fad of the American neurologists, probably goes too far when it seeks the cause for all neurasthenic and hysteric disturbances in repressed sexual ideas of youth.
    b0294804681has quoted2 years ago
    understands now how her body is the object of desire, she learns to feel her power, and all this works backward on her sexual irritation, which soon overaccentuates everything which stands in relation to sex.
    b0294804681has quoted2 years ago
    Every naïve girl appears a possible victim of man's lust, and all seem to agree that every girl should be acquainted with the treacherous dangers which threaten her chastity.
    allenfreedovehas quoted7 years ago
    All public life is penetrated by sexual discussions, magazines and newspapers are overflooded with considerations of the sexual problem, on the stage one play of sexual reform is pushed off by the next, the pulpit resounds with sermons on sex, sex education enters into the schools, legislatures and courts are drawn into this whirl of sexualized public opinion; the old-fashioned policy of silence has been crushed by a policy of thundering outcry, which is heard in every home and every nursery.
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