James A. Gauthier

Interstitial Beings

Have you seen someone that looks like someone you know, but it is not them? Doppelgangers are exact copies of you and me. How about things you believe you see and feel that lack an explanation. A new race of beings, called Tolasians, have been existing within the interstitial spaces of homes, and throughout our world for more than 500 years. They have existed in a gas stasis form until now. Meet Jari and Deri, the first Tolasians beings to make physical contact with humans. Learn about travelers and trappers and the sporting event of boxing that existed on Tolas before the migration to Earth.
Follow Jari and Deri and how they open communications with Matt and Keri with the word “Interstitial” meaning a space between objects. Learn of the exciting way that Jari and Deri learn about Matt and Keri; how they take on human form and ultimately fall in love with each other. Life begins with Matt and Keri’s marriage to Jari and Deri. The excitement of hybrid children and the circumstances challenging a human-Tolasian pairing is exciting, especially when coupled with the fact that Jari is Tolasian royalty.
The book is easy reading and would be enjoyed by all family members.
361 printed pages
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