Heather Starsong

Never Again

On her eightieth birthday, Clara climbs a mountain to a remote place she loves and is struck by lightning. Just as her life slips away she is rescued by immortal beings from the faraway planet of Eliria. They carry her to their ship and heal her, not only of the effects of lightning, but also of all the ravages of aging.
When she returns to Earth, she discovers she is a beautiful young woman. She rejoices in her newfound strength, revives her career, and starts dancing again. But soon her old spirit begins to feel at odds with her new life, longing for the depth and quiet of her former days. She becomes increasingly uncomfortable in the electronic world of the 21st century, dreads to outlive her children, and is wounded by a disastrous romance with a young tango dancer.
Faced with the prospect of living her life all over again in another era, Clara wonders if the Elirians would be able to return her to her old body — and what her choice would be if they could…
259 printed pages
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