Darren Stephens,Spike Humer

The 10 Day Turnaround

Wake Up and Take Control of Your Life and Business!
Darren Stephens and Spike Humer, two of the world's most Brilliant Business minds, reveal the secrets to How to Transform your Business and make it Survive and Thrive in any Economic Climate.
What separates companies in any economy, any market or any industry is your ability to adapt, adjust and execute. Business owners who know where they are, where they want to go, and then take effective action survive and thrive — those that don't face extinction. Read this book, your future might depend on it.
This book contains hands-on, real-world, strategies designed to show you how to take control of your present and what to do to design your future for you — and your business. The decision is yours. Stay the course or take action now.
260 printed pages
Original publication



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