Thomas K. Craig

Snow Falcon

New York Times–Bestselling Author: A suddenly uninhabited Finnish village sparks a mystery—and foreshadows an epic threat . . .
An international agreement to slow the arms race is in the works, but not everyone is happy about it. The KGB and MI6, with CIA support, begin to take action as suspicions about a mutiny within the Red Army swirl. Under Kenneth Aubrey’s direction, Snow Falcon will be a high-risk mission to investigate strange developments on the frozen Finnish border, while Russian intelligence officers embark on the dangerous task of identifying plotters within the military. And if they don’t succeed, the consequences could be dire for multiple nations . . .
“Complex, brisk . . . Solid.” —Kirkus Reviews
“When it comes to keeping the story moving and stoking up the excitement, Mr. Thomas knows his business.” —The New York Times
605 printed pages
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