Raina Nightingale

The Three Scrolls

Arendellie's best friend, Kathreen, has left her to proclaim the Promise. Deeply disturbed, she leaps at a chance to become Queen of Camil Hasseleighton, hoping to leave behind her past life and all memory of the Promise in the complexity and excitement of court intrigue, but a scroll given her by Kathreen has the power to change her life completely.
Azshbir, another friend of Kathreen Alarion, is thrown into prison. While struggling with the greatest despair he has ever known, he is gifted what may be the greatest prophetic vision yet given to the People of the Promise.
Brisia is rescued by Kathreen when her mother is taken by the soldiers of Camil Hasseleighton. Her child-like approach to reality allows her to see things others miss, but as she grows older and reads the scroll left to her by Kathreen, she learns more about the Creator and His Promise — or does she only learn how to better say what she knows?
755 printed pages
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