Jerry Bergman,Thomas Rogers,Graham McLennan


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    A fascinating new God-based life-science has been discovered and developed over the last three decades.  The super-intelligent and caring works that our caring Creator provides for us every second of every day are truly amazing. These works tie in with the high regard our governments have for God and His available and valuable wisdom.
Our students have the right to be taught why God is a highly regarded part of their Government.
Dr. I. L. Cohen said it well: «At that moment, when the RNA/DNA system became understood, the debate between Evolutionists and Creationists should have come to a screeching halt. …
It is not the duty of science to defend the theory of evolution, and stick by it to the bitter end — no matter what illogical and unsupported conclusions it offers… If in the process of impartial scientific logic, they find that creation by outside super-intelligence is the solution to our quandary, then let's cut the umbilical cord that tied us down
to Darwin for such a long time. It is choking us and holding us back. "

With over three decades of research, including substantial input from 20 PhDs, 3 MDs, 9 DScs, 3 Mathematicians, 2 MScs, and 8 Independent Researchers, and endorsement from several more scientists, we believe that the resulting God-based life-science of “Atomic Biology” has the basics to be a logical replacement for Darwinisms, as the taught cause of life.
We have found to our amazement, that many scholars we have talked to, have never thought through what has to happen in building our various cells with atoms.  When we asked the question, “How do YOU think the right numbers of the right atoms are selected from available resources and precisely placed to build all cell-parts?”, the answers were so bizarre, we could tell that these highly educated individuals had never considered the capabilities, choices, decisions, super-intelligence, and dexterity required to do this work.
One of the reasons we know that it takes super-intelligence is that our top scientists with all the vast accumulated knowledge and sophisticated equipment, cannot come anywhere close to building any of the molecular machines required for our cells.  The best molecular machines that the three scientists who won the 2016 Nobel Prize in Chemistry were able to develop over a 33 year period are almost infinitely more simplistic than the simplest built our new cells every day of the week.
This book shows many of the absolutely amazing works our caring Creator performs for each of us every second of every day.
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