Peter Murphy

A Higher Duty

The first Ben Schroeder legal thriller
Ben Schroeder, a talented young man from an East End Jewish family, has been accepted as a pupil into the Chambers of Bernard Wesley QC. But Schroeder is an outsider, not part of this privileged society, where wealth and an Oxbridge education are essentials. He encounters prejudice, intrigue and scandal.
Kenneth Gaskell, a rising star of Wesley's Chambers has become involved in an affair with a high-profile client and the relationship, if known, could ruin his career, and the careers of all those around him. But Bernard Wesley has some information — he knows about a student prank that went terribly wrong — can he use this knowledge in a desperate gamble to save his Chambers and turn the tables on his old rival, Miles Overton QC?
Ben Schroeder has proved his ability, but he is no more than a pawn in this game. Can he survive in this world where nothing, not even justice, is sacred?
'Racy legal thrillers lift the lid on sex and racial prejudice at the bar' — Guardian
'If anyone's looking for the next big courtroom drama… look no further. Murphy is your man' — The Incorporated Council of Law Reporting Blog
'Peter Murphy's novel is an excellent read from start to finish and highly recommended' — Historical Novel Review
360 printed pages
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