Stacey Johnston

Sins of the Father

If there is anything Sherlyn has learned, it’s that the past is a cruel reminder of a life that can no longer be lived.
After the death of her father, eighteen-year-old Sherlyn uncovers hidden truths about his life and the horrific deeds he committed that could have a lasting impact on her life. As she struggles with the reality of her haunted past, she realizes that these unexpected truths may not be so easy to bury.
When her mother dies under tragic circumstances, Sherlyn leans on her best friend, Sophie Valentine, and her family, but even their love and support can’t erase her heartache. When she attracts the attention of one of her father’s former associates, she can’t help but wonder if everything she ever knew was a lie.
With the threat of a menacing hit man now eliminated, Stephen is finally free from the prison that was his life for the past four years. When he is forced to move back to California, he is torn away from the one person who brings light into his world of darkness. Sherlyn’s absence sends Stephen into a vortex of chaos and self-doubt, which begins to affect his every action. Even the best of intentions can’t stop Stephen from pushing away the light to continue his journey through the darkness alone. It’s everything he can do just to keep the remnants of his life intact—until tragedy strikes.

A girl struggling to find her way. 
A boy trying to control his demons from the past. 
Can a shy girl curb the controlling nature of the boy she loves, and will either of them survive the sins of the father?
279 printed pages
Original publication



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