Stephanie R. Baker

Procrastination Avoidance That Works

80 to 95 percent of college students procrastinate. That means YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

If you have a task that you've been delaying to finish, and want's to finally cross it out of your to-do list, then keep reading…

Year after year, more people are having trouble on being productive. A research made by the University of Calgary, almost all college students procrastinate, and that may result into unaccomplished goals… and even dreams.

Whether it be college project or adult responsibility, you just feel like it is impossible to be done NOW… and you believe that you can do it tomorrow.

You know you have the energy to work on something, but when you are seated and about to start, there is nothing that inspires you to do the job.

Do you have a goal that is being ruined by your sabotaging yourself?

How many opportunities have you missed because of these excuses?

You see, procrastination is a bad habit that prolongs the time you spent in doing a certain task.

You may even make the costly mistake of ignoring the problem then making yourself believe that it will solve itself through time. Or you keep on making the same thing to its utmost perfection, you think of idea after an idea which ends up not finishing the task.

But now, you can start to work on yourself and your productivity with these insider tips, usually only known to highly focused and productive people, which maximize your full potential to do MORE.

Tips the majority of people don’t know about.
With this book, you will learn:

What is Procrastination, Why You Do It, and How You Will Stop Doing It After Reading This Book
10 Little Known Facts ABout Procrastination, and How They Will Slap You in The Face Research Study Showed that Procrastination Can Bring Happiness The Ugly Truth About Chronic Procrastination and How it Can Destroy Your Life The One Major Cause of Procrastination 10 Coping Mechanisms That Will Harm You The Types of Procrastination That You Should be Concerned About Kinds of Procrastinator, which one are you? How Can Procrastination Destroyed You Without Noticing The Death Of Procrastination And How To Do It With Style SuperEasy Ways To Wake Up Excited To Take Action Every Morning Get Rid of Procrastination For Good, The Benefits Will Hook You
Today You Can Finish What You've Been Delaying For So Long

And much MUCH more!

Much of this advice goes against conventional productivity wisdom.

In fact, some of the advice sounds downright ridiculous to a non procrastinator standpoint, the data shows that it works.

Even applying one or two things can make your life more fulfilling.

So if you want to overcome OCD, ADHD, perfectionism, and laziness by Being Productive, while avoiding stress, anxiety, depression, sleep deficit by finishing your work before the deadline… BUY NOW with 1-CLICK
60 printed pages
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