B. Love

His Thug Love Got Me Weak

Birds of a feather flock together, and in Kenya and Valentina’s case, that is definitely true. Both women have had their fair share of heartache and pain in their relationships. Both women have sworn off love out of fear. Kenya, the softer of the two, refuses to date. She wants to take no chances with her heart… until she meets Reign.

Reign has his own scars because of love — literally — and he promises to protect her heart. But Kenya isn’t so sure if she can trust him. If he was reckless with his own heart, how could she trust him with hers?

Valentina on the other hand has no problem dating. She just refuses to commit. She refuses to love. She refuses to give another man the chance to disappoint her. She succeeds at this for years… until she is forced to spend the weekend with Reign’s best friend, Ace. Valentina doesn’t deny her attraction towards him, but the fact that Ace has made it perfectly clear that he wants a wife and children has Valentina dead set on avoiding him at all costs.

Will Valentina succeed, or will Ace make her weak for his love? Will Kenya continue to allow her fear of love to keep her from committing and staying with Reign, or will she surrender to her weakness and place her heart in the hands of a man who has a proven track record of loving and living recklessly?
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