Appraising Digital Storytelling across Educational Contexts

The impact of digital storytelling all over the world cannot be disputed. It has become the perfect bridge between both traditional and new ways of engaging the creation and transmission of stories and has been successfully implemented across social and educational contexts. This volume brings together a selection of articles that explore such implementation in various educational fields and levels from kindergarten to university, and also in programmes of continuing education throughout the world. While presenting creative experiences and contributing practical advice, the articles also share a common methodological drive: they collect and appraise objective data to show how digital storytelling practices are a strong asset to the 21st century classroom. Each article critically explores the key role played by digital storytelling activities in the development and strengthening of multimodal literacies, cognitive engagement, creativity, research and information handling, communicative skills in a foreign language, self-confidence, and collaborative learning, among others. All in all, digital storytelling projects foster the creation of peer-assisted learning communities and also becomes a valuable resource to teachers seeking to revitalize their pedagogical practice.
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