Randy Green

It's That Simple

A bucket list for parents… just in case.

You look at an innocent young child and visualize their wonderful potential for a happy, successful adulthood. Every parent wants to give their child the best tools for navigating through modern life and, especially, avoiding some of the mistakes of their parents.

But, what if you weren’t present to guide them and prepare them for the modern world? What if, instead, you were limited to writing a series of letters for your child to read as they matured? What if you wrote letters to your child about the best ideas, best values, and best practices — and things to best avoid? If these letters were your legacy to your child, what would you say?

It’s That Simple: Life Lessons For My Son In 10 Letters is a condensation of the most important lessons one father would want his son to read about and benefit by. But these principles and best practices apply to all parents and their children — and, indeed, to all of us as individuals. Read the 10 letters one father wrote; then think about what letters you would write to your own child… just in case.
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Randy Green
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