Pepper Bonay-Martin

I'm Married but I Feel Like I'm Single

In this insightful book, Terri Strong, shares deep truth that will empower any person who unwittingly has built a prison of their own making that limits their potential.    Sometimes these prisons are constructed of words, thoughts and behaviors, and in all cases, God’s Word, the Bible provides the insights that one needs to reach their fullest potential in Christ.

Serving as a Corrections Officer for 25  years in the County Jail of Memphis, Tennessee has provided Terri Strong with unique insights about human behavior, incarceration, and why some inmates remain free, never to return, and others can never seem to break the cycle.    You will be amazed at the stories that Terri Strong has to share about her journey, but you will be even more encouraged by the insights she provides for all of us.
130 printed pages
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