Going Digital, Alex L. Goldfayn
Alex L. Goldfayn

Going Digital

203 printed pages
Get digital prints that look better than film, create amazing photo and video DVDs, and even learn to use your camera phone to its maximum potential with this non-technical, easy-to-understand guide
Imagine displaying your photos on your television in big-screen glory, set to your favorite music. Imagine digitizing your old home movies, editing out unwanted parts, and sharing them on DVDs. And imagine sharing photos and movies of your child's first steps moments after they happen — online, over the cell phone, or even on an electronic picture frame half a world away.
With today's technology, all that is possible — and more! Going Digital will arm you with the tools and techniques you need to share your digital memories with friends and family — online and offline, on the computer, and in the living room. Written in down-to-earth language for people with all levels of technological knowledge, it's a user-friendly guide that will change your life — and your family's.
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