Barbara Cartland

The Heart Of The Clan

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    Then, as the blood burned in her cheeks, she knew how reprehensible it had been and how badly she had behaved. - yes, sharing opinions is outrageous... ... 😒

    No handsome man, she thought, would ever voluntarily wish to marry a young woman who looked like Lady Jean and for a man, who was used to the fascinating and witty beauties of London, it could only be a purgatory that would be impossible to contemplate. - unnecessarily cruel description

    In Derbyshire she hunted with her father in the winter and accompanied him when he went shooting and there was always a lot for her to do locally, - killing innocents for sport 💔✋

    “The English are cruel to us! They always have been!” she exclaimed. “Scotland should be an independent Kingdom, as is our right!” - true.

    She reached out her hand to scrape away the remains. Then she drew in her breath. In the middle of the path there was a trap! Sona had seen animal traps at home and some used in the past that were known as ‘man-traps’. - these sort of traps were typically used on larger animals, extremely destructive and despicable.

    “But in bad days or in good the Chieftain’ll always be the heart of the Clan.” - that's a lovely sentiment.

    The fishers travelled in a brake drawn by two horses, while they drove the small cart drawn by one of the sturdy little ponies, which were used out stalking and could climb the steepest moors all day without getting tired. - they were tired my dear. Being forced to carry people and other items for endless hours - are they equipped with super strength? No but people took advantage and abused them anyway 💔✋😭

    She looked down into the boat and saw that there were two large lobsters in the bow, their huge claws groping as if they struggled to escape. - lobsters are sentient. It is unnecessarily cruel that these poor creatures are treated so badly and boiled alive!

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