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Summary: Deep Work By Cal Newport: Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World

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Do more in less time. Get rid of your distraction addiction
with Calvin Newport's compelling book: Deep Work.

Cal Newport is an assistant professor of computer science at Georgetown University. In his fourth book, Newport defines deep work as the
capacity for intense focus free of all distractions. In the first part of this
book, Newport defines the concept of deep work and its value to one's personal
life and professional career. Newport also argues that deep work is applicable
to almost anyone, in any line of work because it is more about resolve and commitment.
In the latter part of the book, Newport reveals the set of rules one has to follow to successfully transition from a fruitless, superficial life to one
full of depth and meaning.

Cal Newport's Deep Work will help you excel at what
you do, achieve your peak productivity, and give you a sense of fulfillment
like never before.

Outperform the rest. Drown out the noise, and get ready to go

no more, take action and get this book now!
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