Aaron Ran

Micro Democracy

Micro democracy is a scientific, revolutionary and executable total solution to implement true democracy which maximizes social utility and social justice. Theories, system designs, action plans, roadmap are all in this book, for people to build a new world. It originated from the idea of direct democracy, and deeply optimized and reformed with the help of information technology. It achieves a perfect balance between social justice, decision-making efficiency, and quality. On this basis, a complete superstructure is established, including human rights, laws, and government. With it, people will be able to overthrow the existing political system entirely and create a governance platform that enables the self-evolution and peaceful development of civilization. In addition to theoretical analysis, this book also provides actionable implementation plans and roadmaps so that people can immediately begin to practice and create this new political system. Also, the book proposed a general quantitative model for the assessment of the democratic level of states and regimes, helping people to study the political characteristics of various countries objectively.
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Aaron Ran
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