Gerald Griffin

Gods, Dreams & Love

Bob Daniels, reeling from the tragic death of his fiancée, Gloria Hopkins, takes sanctuary in his lake house. All he wants is to be left alone to take part in the only thing that now holds any meaning in his life, to make contact with Gloria's spirit. This fruitless venture is interrupted, when Frank Worsly, leader of the secret society, the Fraternity, of which Bob is still a member, pays him an unexpected visit.

The Fraternity is facing an existential threat from the well-shielded and powerful Cyprus Group and Frank wants Bob to organize the assassination of everyone in the group to prevent them from murdering Fraternity members. But Bob wants no part of the deadly scheme.
Meanwhile, his continued failure to make contact with Gloria's spirit leads him to a series of dreams in which two Gods, with their own reasons for having Cyprus Group members killed, also try to convince him to take on the deadly mission. When the Gods promise to grant him access to his beloved Gloria's spirit in exchange for killing off Cyprus Group members he reluctantly accepts.

Soon Bob finds himself in way over his head and is forced to orchestrate Cyprus Group assassinations with the help of the mafia, Fraternity members who are scared for their lives, and Sue Bishop, a woman who brings Bob great comfort but whom he suspects is a spy. In carrying out his mission he faces escalating danger and impossible odds and at every turn, he seems to be on the verge of bringing everything and everyone to ruin.

What exactly are the Gods up to?
185 printed pages
Original publication



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