The Philosophy of Friedrich Nietzsche

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The book covers both wider and lesser known areas of Friedrich Nietzsches life and philosophy, notable both for its suggestion of Menckens still-developing literary talents at the age of 27 and for its impressive detail as a book written in the United States (on only the seventh year of Nietzsches death) considering the lack of reliable interpretations of Nietzsche in the American sphere of letters at the time; Mencken prepared for writing this book by reading all of Nietzsches published philosophy, including several works in the original German.
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  • kyakihas quoted10 months ago
    It is a fine thing to face machine guns for immortality and a medal, but isn’t it fine, too, to face calumny, injustice and loneliness for the truth which makes men free?
  • kyakihas quoted10 months ago
    4. That the human race should endeavor to make its mastery over its environment more and more certain, and that it is its destiny, therefore, to widen more and more the gap which now separates it from the lower races of animals.

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