Arian Wulf

Animal Instinct 1 – 4

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The most basic instinct instilled in all living beings is to survive. The second is for safety and the third, procreation. The Alpha Werewolves (and Werelions) here have the first two covered, so it’s just the propagation part, really. They just need to find a willing female to submit.

In this bundle, you will find:

The Werewolf’s Catgirl

The last thing Shadow is prepared for when he shows up at work is being given a half-shifter, a beautiful young woman with cat ears and a fluffy tabby tail curled around her body, the tip cradled in her hands.

Nala is a trained Companion, disciplined in all the ways to pleasure her lover, perfect in every way and Shadow— well, the Alpha werewolf is far from perfect.

The Werewolf’s Prisoner

Princess Imra is a half-shifter, a human with furry animal ears and a tassel tail that gives away the lioness purring inside of her. At eighteen-years-old, she has never left her castle, let alone her land. Fate has other plans. She is assigned as a part of a peace envoy Wolf Kingdom, but they are attacked and she is taken hostage by a powerful Alpha Werewolf who would make her his mate.

The Werewolves’ Submissive

Eighteen-year-old Nina is just being a supportive friend when she follows Myra into a Werewolf club. She's neither a werewolf nor a trained submissive, so she won't be noticed at all.

Instead, she captures the attention of two of the most powerful werewolves in the club. She is completely out of her league with the experienced older Alphas, especially when ropes, clamps, and toys get involved.

Lovers, Knights, & Kings

On the cusps of adulthood with nothing to show for her name, Princess Aryana, is faced with the disheartening notion of her future. Her eighteenth birthday is approaching and so then, is the call of her to be wedded. There are many men who are interested in marrying her. There's only one problem. She is in love with the King.

~~~~~ Excerpt ~~~~~

“I'm afraid the only thing they have other than champagne is water,” Peter says suddenly, appearing out of nowhere to stand beside her. He hands her a glass and smiles at her, apparently delighted by interrupting the moment between Peter and her. He winks at her when she takes a sip of the drink and tastes burning alcohol down her throat.

“She's just a child, Adam,” Peter says suddenly, looking ready to take her drink.

“I'm eighteen,” she says. “Not a child,” she mutters. “Some eighteen-year-olds already have mates.”

“And yet she's here,” Adam tells him, deliberately ignoring her response.

“She's here for a friend,” Peter answers.

She glares at both of them. “I'm right here,” she says petulantly.

All of a sudden, Adam is looking at her with an expression that is wholly sinful. “I know you are, darling girl,” he says, stepping up to her to whisper in her ear. “Be patient and finish your drink,” he says, breath warm against her skin.

She quiets and brings the glass up to her lips, downing the rest of it without thought.

Adam switches it out with a full cup and a wink.

“Are you trying to get the girl drunk, Adam?” Peter asks, sounding exasperated, but resigned.

The relationship between the two men is peculiar. At times, it seems almost as if they couldn't stand to be close to each other, but the way they talk reminds her of old couples.

“That's water,” Adam reassures him.

She takes a careful sip to be sure and is almost disappointed when she finds that he's telling the truth.

“Don't look like that, darling,” Adam laughs. “You're designated driver, are you not?” he reminds her gently.

She nods. “You're right,” she says. She feels a little lightheaded from downing the alcoholic drink so quickly and finds herself blinking blearily up at Peter when he places a knuckle on her chin to tip her head up.

“You're a lightweight, aren't you?” he says fondly.

“I'm not,” she says, and then frowns mightily. “Maybe I am,” she pouts.

“Why don't you sit down,” Adam offers, taking her glass lest she drop it and guiding her by her elbow to the nearest seat.
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