How to be Cool, Thomas W Hodgkinson
Thomas W Hodgkinson

How to be Cool

251 printed pages
Cool can’t be taught. That’s the received wisdom, yet this wry, entertaining compendium by Thomas W. Hodgkinson (author of the indispensable How to Sound Cultured) shows that, on the contrary, anyone can increase their cool quotient by learning from the masters and the methods of the past.

It’s never an easy journey. But to set yourself on the path to true cool, you’ll need this invaluable roadmap.

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Юлия Сологубова
Юлия Сологубоваhas quoted4 months ago
What makes this truly ‘absurd’ (to use Camus’s favoured term) is that we all carry on behaving as if our lives have meaning, when deep down we know that they don’t
Анна Данилова
Анна Даниловаhas quoted4 months ago
The Austrian philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein said, ‘Whereof one cannot speak, thereof one must be silent.’ But if that were taken seriously, there would be no such thing as journalism
Марина Петрова
Марина Петроваhas quoted6 months ago
Terrific. With almost miraculous concision, they combine biographical information and often quite bracing judgments with jokes, some great quotations and lots of arresting little facts.’

Потрясающий. С почти чудесной краткостью они сочетают биографическую информацию и часто довольно бодрящие суждения с шутками, некоторыми замечательными цитатами и множеством арестованных маленьких фактов.’

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