An Ultimate Training Book for Swimmers, Aaron Wisewell
Aaron Wisewell

An Ultimate Training Book for Swimmers

77 printed pages
Competitive swimmers probably have made a great commitment to their sports than any other group of athletes amateur or professional. Swimmers train long hours at an incredible intensity. In addition, coaches have employed knowledge from exercise physiology, biomechanics and kinesiology to formulate training programs designed to strengthen, condition finely tune swimmers’ bodies. They have their swimmers supplementing water work with running, yoga, weight, and calisthenics, swim benches, shock cords, ropes, wheels, strength and anything else that looks like it might’s help build strength, stamina and flexibility. In the water, swimmer are asked to further stress their capacity to performs work by using drag suits, donuts, paddles, tubes, stretch cords, wrist weights and the like. As a result, swimmer keeps getting faster.
But everyone keeps getting faster. The technology is available to all. And most swimmers are training long hours at high intensity.
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