Rose Rosetree

The Master Empath: Turning On Your Empath Gifts At Will — In Love, Business and Friendship (Includes Training in Skilled Empath Merge)

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Visionary empath Rose Rosetree has helped you own, embrace, and manage your empath gifts. Wait'll you see what comes next…

In her ground-breaking book, “The Empowered Empath,” world-renowned author Rose Rosetree shared a proven program to help unskilled empaths avoid the unintended, unconscious, unwelcome and lightning-fast “merging” with another's energy and emotions. And along the way, reclaim both peace of mind and sense of self.

In this leading-edge follow-up, Rosetree offers now-skilled empaths an ingenious array of techniques for The Skilled Empath Merge: safely, deeply and powerfully experiencing what it's like to be another person. Among practicing empath coaches today, only Rosetree can authoritatively answer this question:

“How can I safely turn on my empath gifts whenever I choose?

Science fiction? Nope. In fact, these skills-totally different from hunches or even clairvoyance-are real, easy to learn, keep you energetically protected (no more emotional “overwhelm”) and can help you experience life more deeply. And, says Rosetree, using these skills are “the most fun you'll ever have with your clothes on.”

The practical applications are endless. Whether through a photograph, a video or in person, your new skills can help you:

• Learn what makes another person tick-subconsciously and energetically
• Experience directly what makes others different from you • Protect yourself in the arenas of love, family, and work
• Separate truth from hype (or outright lying) — especially when vetting doctors, energy healers or personal development experts

The goal? Someone who's not just surviving but living life with greater power, effectiveness, and joy. In short-a master empath.

Learning to turn your empath gifts off is a blessing, but being able to consciously turn them on can transform you into a true “force of nature.”

With humor and humanity, and through systematic instruction, Rosetree delivers one life-changing technique after another. Use this revolutionary book to tap into a whole new world of deep insight, personal power and yes, more fun than you'd ever imagine.

Rose Rosetree, award-winning teacher, mentor and healer, is the author of “Empowered by Empathy,” the first book ever written for empaths. She is the creator of the only trademarked system for helping empaths lead more powerful and fulfilling lives. Her work has appeared in 1,000 media outlets, including The Washington Post, The Los Angeles Times, “The View,” USA Today and “The Diane Rehm Show.” Her leading-edge books-350,000 copies sold-have been published in 12 languages.

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As this book build heavily on concepts introduced in “The Empowered Empath,” in order to realize its full power and promise, we highly recommend you read that book first.
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