Timothy Cross

Prophets Foretold Him

The life and ministry of the Lord Jesus did not occur in a vacuum, for Prophets Foretold Him. Jesus said of Himself that “The Son of Man goes as it is written of Him…” (Matthew 26:24). With our New Testament hindsight therefore, it is possible to construct a life of Christ from Scriptures written many centuries before He lived and ministered here on earth. In this book, we do just that. Amazingly, here is The Life of Christ BC. This volume considers some of the many prophecies Almighty God revealed beforehand concerning His Son, and their amazing, detailed and, humanly speaking, inexplicable fulfilment in the fullness of time. Fulfilled prophecy is one of the many evidences that the Bible is no ordinary book but the very Word of the living God. Only the eternal God knows the future, and thus only the eternal God can truly reveal the future. Be prepared to be amazed! Here is a book to further your confidence in and wonder at the inspired Word of God. And here is a book to fuel your devotion to the One of Whom all Scripture points: the Lord Jesus Christ. The inspired Word and the incarnate Word cannot be separated. Timothy Cross was born in Wales, of English parents, and spent some formative years living and worshipping in Northern Ireland. A graduate of the University of Wales, Dr. Cross is an experienced preacher and the author of over twenty popular Christian books. His main interests include the original languages of the Bible, long distance running, cats and “wholesome comedy.”
90 printed pages
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