Heather Rose

Bipolar Child: Bipolar Survival Guide For Children : 7 Strategies to Help Your Children Cope With Bipolar Today

For many years people have held the belief that the Bipolar Disorder only affects adults, but recent findings suggest that having a bipolar child is not only possible, it is actually more and more common these days. While adults generally treat the disorder with the help of medication, therapy and pharmaceuticals, the same approach cannot really be taken with children, especially younger ones, and that's precisely why the Bipolar Survival Guide for Children by Heather Rose was written. In a majority of cases it is believe that Bipolar Disorder is passed on genetically, sometimes over the course of generations. The book will first teach you all you need to know about the signs of a bipolar child, allowing you to make sure that your child indeed has Bipolar Disorder and is not just going through the normal stage of childhood where he or she is prone to temper tantrums. While many do not know this, determining whether or not your child has the disorder as early as possible is extremely important as it will allow you and them to work on ways to cope with the problem. Naturally, apart from being taught everything about the bipolar child symptoms, the book also goes into great detail when it comes to raising a bipolar child so that the disorder doesn't impeded upon daily life. Long story short, the book contains seven big and effective strategies which will make living with a bipolar child a reality. Naturally, these strategies aren't the run-of-the-mill advice you receive from uneducated people trying to sound like real experts; these are methods that will teach your child to gain a much better control and understanding of their condition, methods you aren't going to find floating around on self-help websites. Of course, parenting a bipolar child is as stressful for the child as it is for the parent; after all, you must be terribly concerned about not only your child's future, but about whether or not the condition will one day lead to tragic consequences… not to mention that you probably don't feel like dealing with a problematic child after work every single day. Rest assured that this book also touches on the parent's perspective as far as bipolar children go, teaching you precisely how to implement the afore-mentioned seven strategies in your parenting, how you should behave to help your child remain stable, and the kind of mindset you need to adopt in order to ensure you and your child make it through problematic situations. All in all, Bipolar Disorder is far from being a negligible condition as it's not only more common today, but it has led many people to tragic endings. It is not rare to see children suffering from the disorder, but the good news is that if you ask yourself “is my child bipolar” soon enough, you'll be able to diagnose them properly and teach them how to gain a better control of the condition. Raising a bipolar child can be a tremendously harsh experience, and the Bipolar Survival Guide for Children will tremendously help you and your child to get through it.
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