Barbara Cartland

Bride to the King

Dutiful, demure and far lovelier than she knows, Princess Zosina, the eldest daughter of the Archduke Ferdinand of Lützelstein, is reluctantly obedient when her father announces that she must marry King Gyórgy of neighbouring Dórsia in order to create an alliance between the two nations that will defend them against the threat from the German Empire.
Arriving in Dórsia on a State visit she is greeted by the country's Regent, a kind, handsome and very considerate Prince. By contrast and much to Zosina's dismay, her future husband King Gyórgy is as wild and disagreeable as his reputation had suggested.
It seems that for the sake of her country she must yield to a life without love – until dramatic events supersede even the power of Kings and the hope is rekindled in the young Princess Zosina's heart that happiness and true love will triumph after all.
175 printed pages
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    fatimahj07shared an impression2 years ago

    Hmm, so dark hair and tanned skin i.e. his Albanian heritage, are not to be admired. My, my 😒

    Rising Eagleshared an impression3 years ago
    💞Loved Up

    Best of the lot

    Sangshared an impressionlast month
    👍Worth reading
    💞Loved Up


    Farida Yasserhas quoted9 months ago
    he was sure that, with her intelligence, her beauty and her inescapable charm, any country over which she reigned and any man she married would be extremely lucky.
    fatimahj07has quoted2 years ago
    Zosina longed to add, “It is a pity that the King should have inherited the Albanian appearance of his mother rather than that of his Dórsian father.”

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