J.R. Martin

In the Valley of the Shadow

Anne Marie’s life was so filled with drugs, alcohol, lies, and sexual perversion. She no longer knew who she was or who she had been. Her abuse by others began when she was five; her father would slip into her bedroom and molest her. She didn’t cry out because he told her he would kill the entire family if she told anyone, so she stifled her sobs.
The  actions  of  her  father  set  her  character  for  the  next  twenty-five  years. Just  as  he  had  stolen  her  childhood  innocence,  the  memory  of  him  stole  her  adult  self-esteem  and  made  her  feel  worthless.  Anne  Marie  could  not control  this  feeling  until  an  old  ex-marine  counselor  got  her  in  one  of  his rehab meetings. He advised her to quit blaming her father for the choices she made. This advice provoked Anne Marie into a wild rage she unleashed upon her counselor with all of hell’s fury.
Satan was always lurking in the dark abyss just outside the rim of Anne Marie’sconscience mind. He was waiting for her to lose her grip on reality and fall again  into  his  clutches  and  continue  on  as  one  of  his  top  lieutenants,  but Anne Marie wanted more. She wanted to be free. How could she obtain this impossible goal and escape the shackles that held her in the sulfuric smelling depths  of  hell?  Walk  with  Anne  Marie  through  the  valley  of  the  shadow  as she travels the dark road to redemption.
133 printed pages
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