George Lewis

The Philocalia of Origen

These collected writings of Origen bring together the early Christian theologian's finest thoughts; his analyses of the Bible, his philosophical ideas, and his arguments against Pagan scholars opposed to Christianity.
Noted for his prolific output totaling some 6,000 distinct works, Origen's voracious study of pertinent texts was coupled with a sharp insight into the extant lore. From a Biblical perspective, Origen's Hexapla — a study of five distinct translations of the Old Testament — is a groundbreaking work of Bible study and scriptural analysis. Origen was more than capable of sparring with philosophers who were opposed to Christianity on various grounds; some of these debates became valuable documents in themselves.
Carefully selected so as to provide the reader with an accurate summation of Origen's most celebrated surviving writings, this book and its analyses are thorough, covering the most significant themes explored. More than 700 notes and scripture references are included, that the reader may follow the lines of reasoning — importantly for his era, Origen ventured that many key passages of the Bible were allegorical. Others he cited as supportive of Christian pacifism, which was a popular concept among early Christian groups.
319 printed pages
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George Lewis



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