Marion Amberg

Penny Prayers

Engraved on every penny is a prayer — a prayer that can lift burdens and instill a deep peace, even in the worst of times. Penny Prayers is a collection of special moments that give testimony to God’s abundance and faithfulness. By saying the penny prayer, “God, I trust in you” we can find hope in the small things…one penny at a time.

Marion Amberg collects stories that relate to our everyday lives and provide us a framework to appreciate the presence of God. God is always present, even in the tiniest moments of life. It is in these moments that we often fine the most meaning if we are attentive. Imagine how a little penny might unveil these stories and tell us the “countless” ways in which God can touch our lives. That is precisely what Amberg; a masterful storyteller does her book.
78 printed pages
Original publication


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