Ten Great Events in History
Ten Great Events in History starts as follows: The great events in history are those where, upon special occasions, a man or a people have made a stand against tyranny, and have preserved or advanced freedom for the people. Sometimes tyranny has taken the form of the oppression of the many by the few in the same nation, and sometimes it has been the oppression of a weak nation by a stronger one. Johonnot's “Ten Great Events” are the following: i.-- Defense of freedom by Greek valor ii.-- Crusades and the Crusaders iii.-- Defense of freedom in Alpine passes iv.-- Bruce and Bannockburn v.-- Christopher Columbus and the New World vi.-- Defense of freedom on Dutch dikes vii.-- The invincible armada viii.-- Freedom's voyage to America ix.-- Plassey; and how an empire was won x.-- Lexington and Bunker hill
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