Siân Posy


In a swirling journey through six unique tales: Úath is an exploration of the uncanny and ethereal. In her first collection of short horror stories, Siân Posy weaves expertly crafted worlds that treads between primal fear and liberation.

A Visiting
On the peak of a caliginous mountain, a climber receives tidings from an ethereal presence.

Water From The Well
When a household's well runs dry and filthy, an investigation into the cause of the drought exposes an unnatural root.

In the gloom of a monster's belly, three shipmates consider their fates.

Solve Coagula
A fateful encounter begets a binding agreement of confinement, isolation and terror.

On the unforgiving coast, an archaeologist makes an unsettling discovery.

Úath reaches its gripping conclusion in this unnerving final story.

A note from the author:
"Úath is a love song to the horror genre, and the ancient terrors of folk stories. It was born from a fascination of the uncanny, and inadvertently became a method of exercising my own demons: fear of captivity, fear of brutality, fear of fertility, fear of the unknown. I have always been drawn to these dark tales — perhaps this exploration is how we break fear of their grip. I hope you enjoy Úath as much as I did writing it, and I look forward to exploring more unsettling territories in the future."
38 printed pages
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