Deep Sea Dead

Pauline Walks the Plank . . .
A confirmed landlubber, insurance fraud p.i. Pauline Sokol's never heard the call of the sea – or if she has, she didn't pay attention. But now the former RN is donning her nurse's whites once more to go undercover as part of the medical team of the Golden Dolphin – a lavish luxury liner that's setting sail for Bermuda.
There's something fishy going on aboard the super-deluxe dinghy, and it's Pauline's job to be the ship's designated secret snoop – if she doesn't get too distracted by the motley crew of friends and relatives who've decided to sail along with her . . . and by her sexy supervising fellow investigator, Jagger. But when a dead body turns up – in Pauline's cabin, no less! – and another nurse goes missing, Pauline realizes she may be over her head in shark-infested waters. And getting safely onto dry land may be a long swim back!
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Thriller & CrimeModern Fiction

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