Andrew D Verity

The Efficient CEO Brain

Unlock your brain's ability to being great.
International author, leading business consultant and master neuro-trainer Andrew Verity shares his global experience from consulting with CEOs, business and thought leaders and even royal families on the power of the mind to create the ultimate success.
Adaption is nice, power is better, but greatness is the best position for you to praceice in your business and life. Here are the tools and understanding you need to become that great leader and thought pioneer without really trying hard at all! It's not bells and whistles, this will catapult you into realms your competition would pay millions to find out about. You have probably heard that you are only limited by your imagination, rubbish! You are limited by your conditioning and I'll show you how to change this so your mind understands exactly what to do. Adaptive Neurology will give you more than you ever expected but had always hoped for.
You'll learn:
How to double the energy you devote to running business and projects when you really need it
How to create certainty of mind in all your business and life decisions
How to think on your feet fast and create extraordinary results
How to break through company politics with relevant and unique communication
How to avoid the CEO Depression Syndrome and how to clear it fast if you get it
How to tap into breakthrough learning and processes for change, virtually guaranteeing your success
Your 'energetic position' to money and how to attract investors and clients that accelerate your growth
Train your brain and change your life!
173 printed pages
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