Barbara Prescott

Pandemic Outbreak: A Survival Prepping Guide to Protect From Pandemic Outbreak Spread. Virus Symptoms and Treatments

In november 2019, Wuhan in China was struck by a variant of corona viruses called the Novel Coronaviruses (Covid-19) and up to March 2020, has claimed 3,000 lives and infected more than 80,000 people in China alone, and 200,000 across the globe spanning over 25 countries including Japan, Germany, USA, Canada, France, Italy and the UK. In each case, corona virus outbreaks have followed somewhat similar patterns, moving from animals (mostly bats) and then to their human hosts. Also, most outbreaks of the corona viruses have been zeroed down to Asia at large and China in particular.

This book covers the following topics:
CoronavirusHow the virus infects peopleStrategy to avoid being infectedRecognize the symptomsTreatment & vaccine statusThe best respirators (masks)How can i further educate myself and stay in front of the information?How can you protect yourself and your family from wuhan virus?How to handle quarantine with one sick family memberPrevention and immune strengtheningA physical way of temporary soothing…And much more

Throughout human history, we have suffered a particular type of respiratory infection that has come to be known as “the common cold”, typified by cough, sore throat, runny nose, and sometimes fever.
The common cold is as a result of a viral infection, particularly of the corona virus subtype. There is no cure for this respiratory condition. However, because of it's non-life threatening nature, man has learnt to live with it and little time and resources have been put into finding a cure for the common cold as opposed to more deadlier health conditions such as HIV and cancer.

From the near innocuous nature of the common cold to the panic-level virulence of the novel corona virus, Corona viruses have remained a relevant subject of concern in human existence, constantly determining and influencing various aspects of our lives such has migration, health policies, research interests, food, and even the price of stocks and shares in the market. Corona viruses, as their name implies are truly the kings of virulence in this day and age.
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