Apostles: Can the Church Survive Without Them?, Alan Pateman
Alan Pateman

Apostles: Can the Church Survive Without Them?

Before Jesus returns a significant increase of the anointing will be poured out on the Body of Christ, but can the Church handle such an anointing? (Acts 5:5)

Billy Brim once said, “As much as the anointing is powerful to create, it is as powerfully destructive of evil.” The fear of God will be restored with the apostolic and people will begin walking with such anointing, as we have never seen before!

This book covers:
– The importance of networking and relationships
– The foundation of the apostles and prophets
– The marks of a true apostle
– How the apostolic ministry functions in today’s world
– The apostle and the local church
– Establishing leadership
– Spiritual gifts vs. governing authority
– Authority – who really has it?
127 printed pages
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