Caroline M.Brown

The Rose Chamber: How I found my way into spiritual worlds through meditation

The Rose Chamber is the autobiography of a modern-day initiate, an ordinary woman who — after years of hard work in meditative practice — found her way into spiritual dimensions.
As a child in Kenya, Caroline had glimpsed spiritual worlds in a beautiful and spontaneous experience, which convinced her of the existence of 'God'. Much later, she found herself in a difficult marriage as a young mother and began to meditate daily to cope with the pressures and deep unhappiness in her life.
Twenty-three years on, after a severe and testing life crisis she met — as if by chance — a teacher who taught her to cross consciously into spirit realms; this potentially dangerous step required expert guidance. Caroline had to work on herself with ruthless honesty and clarity at every stage, with discipline and self-control, to gain true faculties of 'seeing' and 'hearing' in these normally hidden realms.
The Rose Chamber tells the fascinating story of how Caroline's life experiences wove together her past, present and future and led to her growing spiritual awareness. She was granted specific glimpses of previous lives to help her to become conscious of how her very existence makes sense, and learnt that our human lives on earth are not only important to us as individuals, but are also essential to the whole cosmos and all the beings in it.
This is not a theoretical book but an authentic account based on pure experience, with profound implications for modern people.
A 'must read' of the 21st Century!
369 printed pages
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