Nélio Machado

Condomínios Horizontais Sustentáveis

The population explosion in the Federal District (DF), Brazil, mainly due to the transfer of the capital of Brazil to the Central Upland, caused a fast and disorderly growth, and as a consequence, a number of issues related to real estate in the region. In this context, there were several illegal occupations, both public lands and individuals, called irregular condos, as a result of illegal parceling land for urban purposes. Therefore, this book presents, as general objective, the task of forming ecological awareness in the population of the horizontal condos worldwide on the big environmental responsibility that must be met to ensure the continuity of natural resources for future generations. As specific objective this work aims at developing environmental primer to be distributed on the main DF condos, containing the suggestion of a sustainable development model to be implemented in the DF, Brazil condos at a later stage, by training community leaders in each horizontal housing set.
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