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Erin Wright

Burned by Love

Enjoy this steamy fireman series by USA Today Bestselling small-town romance author Erin Wright…

He's a man of few words…

Fireman Troy Horvath doesn't need much out of life. His fellow firefighters, a good beer, and…well, one date with the most gorgeous woman in town couldn't hurt, right?

Penny is beautiful, sassy, and everything he doesn't need.

But she's exactly who he wants.

He knows from the get-go she isn't planning on staying in Sawyer. She just isn't a small-town girl. With those heels and her striking red lipstick, she's a firecracker, and destined for so much more.

But maybe, just maybe, he can make all of her big-city dreams come true — if only she'll give him a chance…

She may've friend-zoned him…

And now Penny's realizing that may've been a mistake. Troy is hot. Like, firefighter-calendar hot.

She swore when she came back to the small mountain town to care for her mother, it would only be temporary. So…maybe a relationship with Troy could be temporary, too?

Except deep down, Penny knows this firefighter wants so much more, and there's a chance she does, too.

He's hiding something, though — something big.

Can she be the one to finally get him to open up?

And if she does, will their relationship survive the truth?

Burned by Love is the fourth novel in the Firefighters of Long Valley Romance series, although all books in the Long Valley world can be read as standalones. A HOT romantic story with a guaranteed happily ever after, it does have some strong language and oh my, sexy times. Enjoy!
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