Dimo Nasira

Half Marathon Training

So, you have decided to participate in your first half marathon; OWESOME! 
The great news is that by making this decision you are already half way there, and with this guide book I will take you through the remaining bit. 
The recommended training period averages from 8 to 12 weeks, I hope we have enough time before your marathon. 
Within this period, we will discuss: - 
1. Training schedule 
2. Training gear, like shoes 
3. Recommended diet 
4. Common injuries and how to avoid them 
5. What to expect and how to overcome challenges 
6. When to rest 
7. And much more. 
Running a half marathon can be challenging and yet the most satisfying feeling ever. This is one sport that pushes you to improve on qualities you use daily in life like 
• Patience 
• Persistence 
• Endurance  
• Stamina  
• Work ethics 
• Planning among others. 
I will guide you through this journey of self-discovery and some sweating. 
See you soon  
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