Didi Jackson

Moon Jar

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    she is not the essay on Mayakovsky;
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    Joy and sorrow always run like parallel lines.
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    I wanted to be the penitent.

    I thought I deserved all the pain I could feel.
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    Ploughshares, and elsewhere. After having lived most of her life in Florida, she currently lives in South Burlington, Vermont, and teaches creative writing at the University of Vermont.
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    Didi Jackson’s poems have appeared in the New Yorker, New England Review
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    Thank you, Kate Gale, for believing in this book. And thank you to everyone at Red Hen Press who helped with my vision. And thank you to Jane Kent for the stunning artwork for the cover.
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    Listen” was featured on the podcast The Slow Down with Tracy K. Smith, produced by America Pubic Media with funding from the Poetry Foundation and support from the Library of Congress.
    “Golden Shovel Buddha” was anthologized in Golden Shovel Anthology: New Poems Honoring Gwendolyn Brooks, University of Arkansas Press, 2017.
    “Ribollita” was anthologized in World English Poetry Anthology, Bengal Publications LTD, 2016.
    “Lot’s Wife,” “Iconoclasm,” and “The Love Movement” first appeared as part of the chapbook Slag and Fortune, Floating Wolf Press, 2013.
    I would foremost like to thank the many poets who were brave enough to write about suicide and their grief. Your work is an inspiration to me, and I thank you for giving me permission to tell my own story. I hope this book might help others who have found
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    The Café Review: “Your Husband Was a City in a Country of Sorrow”; The Common (print): “Killing Jar”; The Common (online): “San Bonaventura” and “Almost Animal”; Green Mountains Review (online): “Absolution” and “Warning Signs”; Green Mountains Review (print): “Encaustic” and “The Hole in the Earth”; Iowa Review: “Honing” and “After the Suicide”; New South: “Epistle to My Late Husband after an Evening with My Fiancé”; the New Yorker: “Signs for the Living”; Ploughshares: “The Sandhill Crane”; Solstice: “Ordo Virtutum,” “The Bride,” and “kill lies all”; Southern Indiana Review: “Moon Jar”; and Water~Stone Review: “The Almond Bush.”
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    ceramicists for centuries
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    Not so. Dead is dead.
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